5 Qualities of A Successful Shopify Niche Store! – Shopify Store Tips

I would like to share with you 5 qualities of a successful Shopify store. If you implement this 5 tips you will be more successful and you will bring more sells!


1. Long term evergreen products

Have products that can be bought long term but also short term.You can have high volume products that are currently selling and also products that people buy in different times during the year. Examples of this can be t-shirts, shoes, accessories for women, etc.

2. Have a Marketing Plan in Mind

What are you going to do to promote your products? Are you going to use FB ads/ Instagram ads/ Sharing Products in Pinterest and in instagram for people to see them? Design a marketing plan for Shopify is a key to success! Do you have email marketing where you send customers discounts so they buy your products? is better to sell a product at lower price than no sell at all to that customer. Why I mean by this, is that if your customer goes away you loose them but if you have them in your email list you can send them to buy that product. 


3. Product Description

Super important make sure than you have a compelling product description where customers feel intrigued about your product, what are you going to do to make sure they buy this product!* THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT IF THEN YOU’RE NOT GOING TO RANK IN GOOGLE!

4. Communicating with Supplier


Make sure you are communicating with your supply some questions to ask.

Here is a template you can use.

Hey there, 

 I was looking to Drop Ship your products to the USA to my customers. However, I have a few questions before I order.  

#1 – Will you run out of stock of this product (link)  

Once you message me back with the answer I will start selling your product to my USA customers and start sending orders to you.  

Thank you, Name



Please don’t include any promotional coupons or marketing in the product. want to make sure you are not including extra papers inside of the package when you send it out. I don’t want promotion papers or anything else! 

Thank you.


5. High Quality Images

Make sure to use high quality images given by your drop shipper or if you are outsourcing your product make sure you take high quality images of the product.


Bonus: Do Research

Always do research on your products, are they selling, are they hot in the market right now, use other websites to know more about the products, be 10000% you’re product is going to sell and you will be successful!


Download the free pdf here





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