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Welcome to My Knowledge School! This is the place to learn the information that will guide you to take action in your Life. Information in the things that I find important, valuable and information that I know that will create impact in the life of others.

We go to school to learn about subjects that sometimes we don’t even remember, the name of the person that discover that place that you don’t even remember.  I believe that is not how we learn is what we learn. Because when you’re interested or passionate about something. You want to learn. You want to know more about that particular topic.

My Knowledge School is exactly that is a way to teach you information that I know that your going to be interested because is the information that I am interested and passionate about learning. I believe strongly in continuous learning after school. To learn about life.


I believe everyone should show their voice, spread their message, I believe by doing so we share our perspective on the things we learn and the things we find interesting.


When we go to school we are not teach about life we are teach about subjects. But what happens when you graduate when you get a diploma, what’s next? We get old that we forgot to live, to give.

This is My Knowledge School

Is a tool, for also is a way of learning, a way to acquire information that can help you transform your Life.

My – Knowledge – School


“My” means mine or yours’s, is

My Knowledge School is dedicated to information. So people can grow in their life, is about inspiring them, is about providing a new perspective. Is about growth, is about life transformation.

Ready to transform your life.

Knowledge can be divided into different categories, but here are the most important to me

Creating —> Video Editing, Photography,

Success—> Business Tips,



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